C. McSilver is an artist with an unusual and exceptional background. Early in her career, this talented woman from Maine studied with American artists Will Barnett and Frank Joseph Riley. This experience left a significant footprint and has remained an influential source of her exploration into conceptual abstract art.

A PhD, psychoanalyst, acclaimed social worker, member of the board of a prestigious university and Cancer Research Center, philanthropist and gifted artist, McSilver has embodied her professional and personal experiences in her art. Combined with her intrinsic sense of humor, her work reflects her affection and attachment to people, her belief in the individual spirit and soul whether interpreted through happiness and joviality or sadness and sorrow. Her art dictates this partiality for people through inherent humor and colorful extravagance. Her drawings and two and three dimensional works depict a camouflaged and masked human figure that transcends into a fantasy world. 

“My role is to help others appreciate the importance of enjoying a good laugh, often at ourselves.”

She expands any traditional limitations of sculpture, away from conventional expectations and refinement, producing works with robust qualities and boundless fantasy. The result is varying dimensions of sometimes brash, richly colored figures. Forms that interpret a story with a whimsical imagination in a dreamlike world. She approaches her work without restraint in design and unbridled in her conception.

There is much to be revealed, learned and acknowledged with each sculpture. The harlequins have a unique novel spirit. Each tells of an experience, a struggle, an achievement, or an unwilling complication. Each piece challenges and delights the imagination. McSilver’s brush interprets a humorous lesson on life’s daily dilemmas, a witty look at a political quandary, a whimsical view of interrelations, a laugh at many civic attitudes, amusement of our many diversions and even spicy bedtimes. C.McSilver approaches the human spirit with a robust and colorful brush where no subject is taboo, but humor is always the required ingredient.

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8 responses to “About

  1. This is fantastic work! So uplifting with lots of detail. Where can I get my hands on one!

  2. Love the site…love the art! Your vibrant expressions of serious whimsy bring laughter and insights to these most turbulent of times.

  3. I knew Dr. Silver when she worked for McGregor’s bakery and she was a warm, caring person then and that has continued with her through her wonderful career.

  4. Her Art is her personality …. inclusive of everyone … making people feel part of the fun . She has the heart of a girl and the warmth of a loving mother …. no one feels a stranger in her company . To watch her Art grow and take new paths is been wonderful to see .

  5. Love the sculptures..your talent is endless, your work is awesome. Keep it coming!!

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